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penukang3 years ago
No. Coincidently I only just bought a TD3 drum brain, hence I will be building my pads using piezo disc.
I strongly suggest ppl to tryout DVDrums and Synthesia. Both software take the full advantage of PC keyboard playing. For instance, DVDrum uses the key C, V and "down arrow" to trigger the snare. Using your keyboard mod, you can map all those three keys within a hitting area/pad with 3 zones. Synthesia is like Guitar Hero console games.
siddiq4321 (author)  penukang3 years ago
Thumbs up!
penukang3 years ago
nice .. sure great to play DVDrums or Synthesia with this cheapest drumset!
siddiq4321 (author)  penukang3 years ago
Have u tried to make one...how succesfull was that...?