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July 31, 2012
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  • sidmarx commented on jaime9999's instructable Rain Kilt (Skirt) for hiking5 months ago
    Rain Kilt (Skirt) for hiking

    Aha...Rain chaps. Ongoing odyssey--I tried cutting the crotch on a cheap pr. rain pants, making 2 separate legs still joined by the waistband in back. (the cut front spreads for easier entry.) Two square corners are formed by the cut front waistband. Into these, i bunched two small rollon deodorant balls, i.e., one ball on each side tied with string into the fabric. To wear the chaps, pull on each leg, then tuck each ball into yr. belt, in front, to keep the chaps up.Biking in the rain, no problem. No sweat, plus freedom of movement as well. Failing a trouser belt, one could probably snag a 2-hook bungie around the balls and lift the bight up over one's head like a partial suspenders.

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  • sidmarx commented on jaime9999's instructable Rain Kilt (Skirt) for hiking5 months ago
    Rain Kilt (Skirt) for hiking

    Great idea, especially solving the sweat issue. How does the kilt work for bicycling?

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  • sidmarx commented on Bundaberg42's instructable Free-Standing Portable Hammock Stand5 months ago
    Free-Standing Portable Hammock Stand

    How about using those spiral, screw-in pegs usually for restraining dogs? That should give better grip.

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  • sidmarx commented on triplephase's instructable DIY Thorn (and puncture)-resistant tyres5 months ago
    DIY Thorn (and puncture)-resistant tyres

    Doomed to failure--after a week or 2 of flat-free riding, the sharp inner tire edge (made by cutting) will slit the inner tube. So before inserting the inner tire strip, feed it into an old inner tube with the valve stem cut off. (with enough overlap to cover the whole tire strip. I had great success with this method until i switched from Kendas to Schwalbes, which have their own reinforcing strip under the tread. (like all bike tires should) At this point, the DIY reinforcement was no longer needed.

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  • sidmarx commented on skoko's instructable Restore an Old "Balkan" Bike6 months ago
    Restore an Old "Balkan" Bike

    That back brake......eeeyukk. You need to make a steel spacer plate with 2 holes, to make the pads reach the rim (one hole for the frame between the seat stays, the other for the caliper brake. Do this, and you'll be free to use hi-pressure tires with thinner side walls for more speed.

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