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Nov. 24, 2010
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  • Werewolf Stilts, digitigrade legs.

    Random_Canadian,I've always loved this instructable and check back often to see the great builds you inspired. I'm long overdue for this comment... I have a suggestion on a variation for those interested!Several years ago, I set out to make a very similar design, inspired by special effects studios' work for various movies. The actors who used those legs complained of discomfort and fatigue caused by the improper alignment of the knee joint on the stilts not aligning with their actual knee joint. I know many people who've had knee reconstruction (I have very active friends!) - all were able to delay knee surgery as long as they could by using semi-custom leg braces that look very much like the upper part of this stilt design. Additionally, the mid/lower portion looks much like ankle braces used by other friends. I was able to get many of these braces from my friends when they stopped using them. I have also seen them at local non-profit stores (although, it may be best to leave these for others with a true need!). Using these, I was able to build similar stilts, bypassing much of the raw build requirements of the structure (aluminum bars, joints, foot beds, sintra parts, etc.) and having adjustable and perfectly aligned knee rotation.

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