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Feb. 25, 2008
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  • Industrial Isolation Transformer From Trash

    Aren't ballast transformers often current limiting (usually with some magnetic gap or something similar to how simple AC stick welders work.)?

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  • The Maven Box: an Arduino Controller for Software Developers

    The code looks like it'll only count a transition from 00 states to 01 or 10 states. Other transitions will be ignored. Effectively it'll only count 1/4 of the transitions. Is this the intent?

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  • How to Unscrew a Nut that's Stuck on a Bolt (without ruining threads)

    Can't buy MAPP in the US anymore. I guess a few too many cylinders blew up or it's bad for the environment or something. The stuff sold now that resembles it (MAP-Pro) is somewhere in between propane and MAPP.

    I've read this elsewhere as well. Though that's the only quantified study I've seen.Heat still works better, assuming that's an option. Nothing beats an oxy-acetylene torch, propane works as well.

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  • skrubol commented on comsa42's instructable Carbon-Fiber Electric Skateboard Deck2 months ago
    Carbon-Fiber Electric Skateboard Deck

    XPS = eXtruded Polystyrene (pink or blue wall board insullation) and EPS = Expanded Polystyrene? (usually white, like disposable coolers and rigid packing material.)

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  • How to Make Drinks Coasters With Nails Inlay

    Evolution makes blades as well and they're decent blades. Looks like the only table saw they make is a 10" 2500 RPM saw, gear drive, brushed motor (looks like.) Looks to be the same motor assembly as out of their 10" miter saw (which I have.) One negative of their 10" saws, they have a 1"(25mm) arbor, which won't fit most blades. Their general purpose blade is good for wood, but pretty lousy for aluminum, chips get stuck between the teeth too often. Their aluminum only blade is $100+ and I've yet to find a 3rd party aluminum blade with a 1" mounting hole.Most belt drive table saws can be under-driven if you replace the pullies. I've done this on my Craftsman and now have a 2-speed saw, 3450 RPM for normal cutting, 1725 RPM for cutting aluminum (with the appropriate blade.) Would work fine for this as well.

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  • skrubol commented on JON-A-TRON's instructable 3D Printed Wireless Lantern2 months ago
    3D Printed Wireless Lantern

    No current limiting for the LED? An LED like this direct driven by a lithium ion battery won't last long, especially with the minimal heat dissipation of a little LED star stuck in a plastic box.I'd also think the brightness varies significantly with the charge of the battery?

    A 2-3 ohm .5+W resistor will protect the LED, but not help with the brightness variation.I thought I'd be able to find an inexpensive LED driver for running from a single Li-ion cell easily, but I can't.I did find a basic driver chip that may work:http://www.sunrom.com/p/amc7135-dc-led-driver-ccThere are some example circuits on the page.

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