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KnexFreek6 years ago
 You have some pretty awesome ibles. i love yur stuff. *subbed*

skunkbait (author)  KnexFreek6 years ago
Thanks!  I wish I had enough time to get back to making instructables.  I seem to be weighed down with work these days  :(
 Well, i hope you can find time to get back to making them :)
That sux tho with work, i hope you push through :)
MG eh? i have a story you will like. A Nice Morning Drive.
skunkbait (author)  Yerboogieman7 years ago
THat was great! ANd the car in the picture looks a lot like my old '70. Man I miss that car. My Vette is fun, but you could really feel the road in those old MGs. It was truly like a big boys go-cart.
Are they a fast car at all? From the engine not how small the body style? I am just glad that wasn't real, those "MSV's" that he was talking about in the story just sounded like pieces of junk.
skunkbait (author)  Yerboogieman7 years ago
Most of them weren't all that fast. But they did make a MGBGT with a V8. And I think there was an MGC with a 6-cyl. Mostly they were just fun because they were light, pretty good handling, easy to work on, and open topped (except the GT models).
Bet those things would fly with a rotary engine. Lightweight body plus lightweight, fast engine.
skunkbait (author)  Yerboogieman7 years ago
Yeah, that would make a good swap. For a while a lot of people were dropping in GM V-6s. They were reasonably light but in the 200 bhp neighborhood. But a rotary could be even better. For anything heavy though, people had to really build up the front suspension, and still lost handling abilities.
Yeah, pretty much takes them point out of it.
So that's what you look like. Huh. Not how I pictured you.
skunkbait (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
Yep. Sad but true. (I used to be good looking...before I got FAT!)
You're a bit scary looking, not gonna lie. No offense.
skunkbait (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
I look kinder and gentler, (and goofier) without a gun in my hands!
In that photo you look so much like my mate sam I had to wonder, you with long hair and a bit extra belly, odd thing is he's 18 but looks older than you...