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hawk451 year ago
i like to ride my bike to oh and you make beast instructables! XD
Puddock3 years ago
Thank you for subscribing!
Good job on your guns!
Puddock3 years ago
Making nice guns!
slimshaddy (author)  Puddock3 years ago
MrSillyGuns3 years ago
Thanks for subbing
slimshaddy (author)  MrSillyGuns3 years ago
no problem
Hitman2273 years ago
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slimshaddy (author)  Hitman2273 years ago
instruct393 years ago
thanks for subbin!
slimshaddy (author)  instruct393 years ago
cool i see u like to ATV,i Dirt-Bike
slimshaddy (author)  KnexFreak3603 years ago
yeah we used to ride out on trails but not any more i sold my 110cc atv my grandpa got me for $400.00 dollars then my grandpa got me a mini bike.
O i hear you i havent been out to the desert or the track in over a year, i think we might be selling our bike sadly