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redrover956 years ago
this is what I have so far the fourth picture is the area the the hammer part will connect to by the way it is three layers please dont steal my idea and clame it as your own but if you help me you will be mentioned when i make the ible if i do
smickel (author)  redrover956 years ago

Ok, so this is the hammer part that I put together for you. Note that the bottom two yellow connectors connected with the blue rod are already part of your design. Also, the two blue rods at the top could be changed to white connectors if you think it would look better.

smickel (author)  smickel6 years ago
Actually, I belive it would look better if you changed the bottom of the two red connectors into a yellow connector.
on my sword or on the part you made
smickel (author)  redrover956 years ago
On the part I made.
ok i will thanks

ok thanks so much i am hopeing to make a instructable on how to make my sword and if i do you will be mentioned

redrover956 years ago
i need help making the part of ths that look s like a hammer
SuperVader7 years ago
For some odd reason, I am unable to see the subject of your Private Message, preventing me from even reding it.
smickel (author)  SuperVader7 years ago
Hmm... odd... Well, perhaps there's a copy in your email. If not, then I suppose I can rewrite what I sent to the best of my memory.
SuperVader7 years ago
I am terribly sorry for the spam on your claw instructable. I should have been more reasonable. By the way, I do like Twilight Princess... :)
smilee7 years ago
Are you posting your torque bow?