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  • smit0577 commented on elvisisdead's instructable Modern Backyard Lounger1 year ago
    Modern Backyard Lounger

    This was a fun project! It really did take me just an afternoon. Between your detailed instructions and the source article, I had all the info I needed. The plan is pretty forgiving; I was able to undo a couple of mistakes. I went with four six foot boards instead of two 10 ft boards. There is a little more waste, to be sure, but I drive a subcompact and my "shop" is my tiny (less than) one-car garage. Six footers were more manageable. It was easier to pick through the six foot boards to find good ones anyway and I was able to place my cuts to get rid of the worst knots. Just a thought for others considering this project...Best of all, my wife really likes the chair. I'll be making more!

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