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  • sooterkin commented on DrewPaulDesigns's instructable Free Energy from Thin Air!1 year ago
    Free Energy from Thin Air!

    Nice work! I'm wondering how this would apply on a bigger scale with supercapacitors? Great of you to also point out this alternative? Free Ion Collectors. The concept isn't as new as you think... Tesla was very much interested in this concept, and may have been very successful. I grew up near his laboratory in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado...the local indians used to tell us kids to stay away from it because; '...a great sorceror once lived there, and made thunder storms!' As for 'stealing' microwaves...Tesla seemed to think there was enough freely abundant energy generated by the Earth alone... I'm inclined to agree. Anyway, thanks for being a good sport and helping to show people the way. :-)

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