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SHOE00075 months ago

You were talking about wicks for alcohol burners and burners without a wick? Here is where you can by them.




spark master (author)  SHOE00075 months ago

Thanks fer the reply, The one is wicked and th eother the wick is inside that metasl tube with the pin holes. It is Pitorch design. Benneblueyes shows a nice one on youtube and on zenstoves.net I believe they show detailed plans for one. I was thinking of buying one , some claim to be air tight so if they get juggled in a back pack they are safe enough. But in steel they are heavy, hikers want them light. In a lab setting they are all fine and relatively safe. Remeber anything can be unsafe and cause problems, you can get cut on a piece of stiff paper!

thanks again for the post!

Wow, lots of good comments !

I made the MiG 21

rascalpobo5 years ago
From the LA Times Culinary SOS column:

homemade oreo cookies

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