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monsterlego4 years ago
Why does NOT thinking about inception interest you.
Dipankar4 years ago
Thank you splazem for your beautiful PATCH.
splazem (author)  Dipankar4 years ago
splazem (author) 4 years ago
I just published my tenth Instructable (Push Up Machine)! It's 11:08. That's commitment! 
splazem (author) 5 years ago
Welcome to my orange board. Please comment if you like my stuff. Thanks!
happyjo splazem5 years ago
Hello! :D i love your Zen Garden Keyboard! Oh and I also like your profile picture! :D
splazem (author)  happyjo5 years ago
Thanks! Check out my new ible, Squeez Bacon!
happyjo splazem5 years ago
:D Very smart of you, I must say!
splazem (author)  happyjo5 years ago
happyjo splazem4 years ago
Yeah! ( in a horrifying way, though )
splazem (author) 5 years ago
10,000 views today! Woooooo! Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my instructables!