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Flumpkins5 years ago
Woah! I love potatoes (your icon)
spudling9 (author)  Flumpkins5 years ago
heh. Thanks it ties in to the whole spudling9 thing... =)
spudling9 (author) 5 years ago
believe it or not im building an rpg out of k'nex!!
DO you watch one of the awesomest shows ever, FAMILY GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
spudling9 (author)  happybirthday5 years ago
thanks for subscribing!
spudling9 (author)  Knex_Gun_Builder5 years ago
your welcome ;)
Thanks fer subbing mate! But why did you? Not that i dont want you to but is it because im awesome?
spudling9 (author)  happybirthday5 years ago
no you just gave me the idea for the favorite bands forum ive been bored lately
Oh thank you!
spudling9 (author)  happybirthday5 years ago
if im going to take someone's idea i should at least say so!!!=)
do you want to be friends?

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