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  • sreeci commented on GreatScottLab's instructable Supercapacitor Joule Thief4 months ago
    Supercapacitor Joule Thief

    Hello Scot,I have always enjoyed, reading and understanding your projects.When you explain the project, it is like an educational instruction. Well explained in such a way that may be understood by any one, even for a novice. Thank you and please do more projects in the future.By the way, I would like possess a Dual-Power-Supply DPS 5315, like you have.I don't mind a used one. Please let me know.

    hello Scot,Further to my comments below, I am very much interested in DPS 5315 Komplettbausatz. Pleas help me to obtain a used and working DPS 5315, at your convenience.Kindly respond to the following address as, I will not be monitoring instructables often.kjdxb@icloud.comI'd much appreciate that.Thanks and best regards.Sincerely,KJ Kumar

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