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Momo55561 month ago

hi do you think you could do a smaller water filter with a bottle and stones and stuff I'm doing a project and would love the help! Thanks!

This time i will try with PS/2 Keyboard Smart interface.

sriramsrikp5 months ago

Hello sir, Am having one doubt in " DIY Arduino PIR motion sensor Lighting & security".

How to connect two PIR sensor in the above project??

Hi sspence! i recently read your instructable Interfacing a Digital Micrometer to a Arduino & VGA Monitor and i liked, nice work by the way !!, but i have a couple questions, i was wondering if do you need to push the button (mitutoyo cable) every time you want a data, or you can read the data in real time??? i have a digital indicator mitutoyo and i want to measure a part like circle form and take the max value of the curve (slide the part like a sweep) and save it in a variable to work with it, you think it's possible?
sspence (author)  Maverick Phantom11 months ago
It's real time. You should have no problem.
Thanks for the reply, i was worried about the footswitch and the button on the top of cable but now im going to buy the cable, thanks a lot sspence!!
sspence (author)  Maverick Phantom11 months ago
those buttons are used for changing a menu and taking samples, not measurements.
well, by measurement i mean take the lecture from the indicator to the arduino (samples), like a said before i wanna read all the "samples" when i make my part slide into the indicator , and for all these samples take the max (max point in arc) and save it. for that reason i was worried if i need to push the button to obtain the sample,and if i need to do that (push the button) i can´t apply this method, sorry if i don´t explain well in the begining, thanks for answer !!
sspence (author)  Maverick Phantom11 months ago
You don't need to press a button. the data is streaming all the time. you can log the data or make decisions on it in real time.
arsh23111 months ago
I have a question, not sure if you can help me with it. I am thinking of building a solar power cellphone charger for a school project, i was wondering would it be possible to use Watt Hour meter to monitor the solar cell? So i can the charge level? Any help would be appreciated.
sspence (author)  arsh23111 months ago
as is, the project can easily monitor the solar cell. controlling the charge is a different matter. It's possible, but outside the scope of this project. That project is on my to do list.
arsh231 sspence11 months ago
Thank you very much for the reply. How would i physically hook the solar cell to monitor the watt per hour?
sspence (author)  arsh23111 months ago
connect the watt meter in series with the + of the solar panel.
arsh231 sspence11 months ago
Thank you, so I can create your diy watt meter and apply it to my project?