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Hello sspence. Thank you for following. You have done some very nice work. I am a huge Arduino fan so I really like what you're doing. Thanks again!

Momo55566 months ago

hi do you think you could do a smaller water filter with a bottle and stones and stuff I'm doing a project and would love the help! Thanks!

This time i will try with PS/2 Keyboard Smart interface.

sriramsrikp11 months ago

Hello sir, Am having one doubt in " DIY Arduino PIR motion sensor Lighting & security".

How to connect two PIR sensor in the above project??

Hi sspence! i recently read your instructable Interfacing a Digital Micrometer to a Arduino & VGA Monitor and i liked, nice work by the way !!, but i have a couple questions, i was wondering if do you need to push the button (mitutoyo cable) every time you want a data, or you can read the data in real time??? i have a digital indicator mitutoyo and i want to measure a part like circle form and take the max value of the curve (slide the part like a sweep) and save it in a variable to work with it, you think it's possible?
sspence (author)  Maverick Phantom1 year ago
It's real time. You should have no problem.
Thanks for the reply, i was worried about the footswitch and the button on the top of cable but now im going to buy the cable, thanks a lot sspence!!
sspence (author)  Maverick Phantom1 year ago
those buttons are used for changing a menu and taking samples, not measurements.
well, by measurement i mean take the lecture from the indicator to the arduino (samples), like a said before i wanna read all the "samples" when i make my part slide into the indicator , and for all these samples take the max (max point in arc) and save it. for that reason i was worried if i need to push the button to obtain the sample,and if i need to do that (push the button) i can´t apply this method, sorry if i don´t explain well in the begining, thanks for answer !!
sspence (author)  Maverick Phantom1 year ago
You don't need to press a button. the data is streaming all the time. you can log the data or make decisions on it in real time.
arsh2311 year ago
I have a question, not sure if you can help me with it. I am thinking of building a solar power cellphone charger for a school project, i was wondering would it be possible to use Watt Hour meter to monitor the solar cell? So i can the charge level? Any help would be appreciated.
sspence (author)  arsh2311 year ago
as is, the project can easily monitor the solar cell. controlling the charge is a different matter. It's possible, but outside the scope of this project. That project is on my to do list.
Thank you very much for the reply. How would i physically hook the solar cell to monitor the watt per hour?
sspence (author)  arsh2311 year ago
connect the watt meter in series with the + of the solar panel.