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could i suggest something about you paddle bass? why dont you cut off the little beads at the end of a set of bass strings then try and make or buy a locking nut for the handle so the strings will be locked in there, then take a bass bridge, screw it onto the "body" but have holes at the bottom for tuners and instead of it going straight into the bridge it goes into the tuners, then the bridge so you have more room for the tuners and have more room for strings.
st.paul (author)  diy-guitar-guy6 years ago
if im understanding you right, youre talking about a headless-like design-correct?  that'd be cool, but the main problem is, unless i add add a fingerboard or get a paddle with a wider handle, two is as many as will fit.  the two i have now are almost too close for my comfort.  in fact, lately ive been thinking about making a one string with the tuner at the flat part of the paddle and a string hole at the top, similar to what you suggested but still using the felt/piezo setup as the only bridge. but yea thats not a bad idea, provided you get a wider paddle or just a piece of wood made to look like a paddle.
yeah i kinda thought that might be a problem but the thing with the 1 string thats gonna bend the wood because of the tention and it doesnt have a truss rod so you cant fix that, iv tried a load of tings to straighten the neck when im making slided guitars but its hard to do without snapping the neck. but you could have some fun and try to whittle your own paddle out of a hard wood and give it the same handle width as a bass neck. oh by  the way thank you sooooo much for that link for the fret calculator!!!!! im making my own ukulele and i had no idea how id find where to put the frets in! cheers :0)
st.paul (author)  diy-guitar-guy6 years ago
i believe with the weed eater twine i use the string will stretch before the neck would get too far out of shape, although with a thicker gauge and more strings you are probably right. if i was to make a paddle shaped bass it would be another 2 string along the lines of this (http://www.ernieball.com/forums/attachments/music-man-basses/5993d1247589161-should-they-build-4-5-6-string-24-fret-big-als-longbow-2-string-bass.jpg) with long trapezoids on each side for a paddle look. also id get a cheap chinese bass humbucker and mount it sideways so i have 4 poles under each string lol.  im very glad to hear you got some use from the fret calculator- good luck on your uke and tell me how it goes! :)
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