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blackbutler124 months ago

Hi, i am a demon.

star_above_the_clouds (author) 4 years ago
I just subbed myself! Haha, and I did not even know that was possible! (:
happyjo5 years ago
Thanks for subbing back! :D
star_above_the_clouds (author)  happyjo5 years ago
No problem! I really like your instructables! (: (and sorry for the delay)
OH thanks! NO problem, though! I like your ibles too!
star_above_the_clouds (author)  happyjo5 years ago
Thank you! I see you live in Alaska? Holy Crap xD
Goodhart5 years ago
TY for the subscription, I hope you find some useful things in my menagerie ;-)
star_above_the_clouds (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Your welcome! and I have already found some things useful. (:
That's good to hear :-) My next project is not overly "useful" but should be somewhat entertaining if nothing else :-)
star_above_the_clouds (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Entertaining is useful... Especially if you're bored. :D
It'd probably drive the cat or dog a little nuts LOL
star_above_the_clouds (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
LOL! Yes, I'm sure it would!
star_above_the_clouds (author) 5 years ago
Oh, your welcome! Thanks for subscribing to me! (:
Your welcome! Hey can you please vote for my instructable!
star_above_the_clouds (author)  TSC5 years ago
Sure! But where's the vote button?