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nikhila8664 months ago

Thank you for sharing your project stasterisk.

Why don't cellphones have retractable antennas anymore?

Because they don't need big antennas. I think it's because if a different wavelength of radiation. Probably also because they break

Dipankar5 years ago
You got more brains then ten men put together.........Hats off to you......
This is a complement- DG
backlinkin16 years ago
hello this is cool .
 Sorry to hear about the airport fiasco. I was on your side of the argument as soon as I read about it in MAKE:
sharlston6 years ago
are you related to tim anderson?
stasterisk (author)  sharlston6 years ago
Hah, related?  Not quite.. we dated for a while!

Why do you ask?
its just he mentions you in a lot of his ibles i though you were young?
stasterisk (author)  IamTheCreator6 years ago
Catling8 years ago
Not a lot, how are you? I'm so sorry I haven't asked you sooner. I heard about the airport catastrophe but I didn't know it was you until Gilly asked "did you hear about Star?" and I was like "wait, that was THAT Star? AAAA!!!" What's happening with you these days?
Mr_Slim9 years ago
Terror, terror, terror, fear, fear, fear. I'm so sorry you've gotten caught up in this B.S. I'm a broke musician, but I'll contribute to a legal defense fund if one is needed and established. Let me know if I can help. MarkALynch (at) Gmail (dot) com
zachninme9 years ago
Stay strong, I feel terrible... (They thought Tim was your boyfriend :P)