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  • stephane275 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Fix a Hole in Drywall2 months ago
    Fix a Hole in Drywall

    cool way to make a plug , but you need to put a strip of wood behind to give it strength and stop the chalk from falling of into the wall.

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  • $60 Custom corner office desk (USB & prototyping space)

    Good looking but i would use plywood instead. it's lighter, stronger. Apply a sealer and a good luster enamel of your color and it will protect it for years. plus MDF has cancerous gas coming out of the glue

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  • stephane275 commented on dieter demeyere's instructable Van conversion to small camper10 months ago
    Van conversion to small camper

    i se a problem in your structure. you been talking about preventing moisture, condensation inside, yet you used mdf or hdf witch are the worse material for this job. stick to plywood, better if you use the water proof ( exterior use) kind. First it will not retain water as much as mdf or hdf, second it won't fall apart if they stay in a humid environment for a length of time.Third plywood is much lighter, and stronger, so you can use thinner boards. You save on weight, save on gas,save on redoing it after a couple of years.

    there is one other thing also, health issue. It's not a well known fact and manufacturers keeps this quiet, mdf and hdf release harmful gas, very nasty for our heath, when it's only a piece a furniture in our houses, it's ok, but like the tendencies these days is to have a floating floor in our kitchen( made with mdf) cabinets( made with mdf) people start to get sick without knowing it's their new kitchen doing it. Now your van is covered all sides.

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