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  • stephenfitton commented on eLVirus88's instructable Hand-Drawn Voronoi Diagrams1 year ago
    Hand-Drawn Voronoi Diagrams

    To carry your images into 3 Dimentional art and excite those who dont understand maths ,make any rough shape using straight or crocked lines with wire ,all joining especially around outside and immerse fully in a kids bubble blowing fluid and watch natures maths work everything out for you.making intersecting joining lines and bubblesPhotograph it,make a solid model from your photo ,then everyone will think you a mathematical,architectual Genius, Just for Fun

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  • stephenfitton commented on lecgo's instructable Tube bender1 year ago
    Tube bender

    Congratulations, to you as. You....Have covered the one point missing from most tube benders,By using two wheels same size flat spots are overcome in your bending,each wheels slight rotation while bending compensates for what otherwise is drag causinng tube to collapse into flat spotsAgain congradulations

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