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    Airplay Hifi tower speakers + Subwoofer

    MDF is readily available with a hardwood veneer on both faces - It's used a lot in kitchen cabinet construction. Oak veneer is easiest to get hold of but also Walnut, cherry, Ash. Forget the big DIY stores though - You can get better value from specialist panel/wood centres - These places will often offer a cutting service (relatively small cost) to Rip and Cross cut panels to your cutlist.One observation I would give is that screws have very poor holding strength in MDF.Dowel Joints would be better - All you need is a drill and bit also "Dowel centres" - metal points that mark the corresponding hole position for dowel. That said if you use a good modern wood glue (Titebond 2 etc) and plenty of it (MDF really sucks it up), a few screws will act as clamps for each joint, as long as you drill pilot holes first (drill 0.5 - 1mm bigger hole than screw Dia. in horizontal piece so that screw only grabs vertical piece and snugs tight ) Pilot drill bits come with countersink/counterbore collar so you can recess the screw head, so you can plug/fill to hide the screw.A power tool called a Biscuit Jointer is perfect for this kind of job and can be bought fairly cheaply from the generic powertool suppliers.

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