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  • stevemail commented on wells1784's instructable Summer Time Slip-n-Slide (DIY VERSION)5 months ago
    Summer Time Slip-n-Slide (DIY VERSION)

    A good idea--thank you for sharing. For the water shower, you could probably do without the lumber and just use PVC--here is another instructable which could be used as a starting point for that aspect of the project (if you want faster water flow, then skip the irrigation jets and just drill holes along the top bar): http://www.instructables.com/id/KidWash-2-PVC-Spri...Also, you can use a soft barrier to (help) contain the water and the sliders--we used rolled up sheets and beach towels, placed under the plastic, to help create a bit of an edge to keep the water from flowing off the plastic, but you are smart to test the water flow and make the slide match where the water wants to go anyway.Thank you for sharing!

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