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Paris Ontario Canada
Aug. 3, 2016
Steve is a pool expert and internet personality for the pool & spa industry. Owner of https://t.co/54ZUsisgMG - Expert advice from an industry professional
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  • stevethepoolguy commented on doitmyselfchic's instructable Refinish your pool2 months ago
    Refinish your pool

    This is a great first hand account of the pool painting process. Painting a pool however is a process that is unique to each pool and each specific situation with the current surface type. YOu could have bare concrete, old plaster, epoxy paint, chlorinated rubber paint or water based paint. What you have will determine how you proceed with painting - or IF painting is an option for your pool. Also worth considering is that painting a pool with certain paints starts a clock that will one day result in needing to sandblast the interior surface (which is very costly). If you are painting your pool then you are obviously concerned with cost...so "buying" yourself a sandblast one day in the future defeats the purpose of painting to begin with. If you want more information on how to paint a pool, how to inspect the current interior surface that you have, and how to avoid costly sandblasting you can read this detailed article on how to paint a pool: http://www.swimmingpoolsteve.com/pages/pool-paint.html

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