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Metal4God6 years ago

who many accounts do you have?

stevoIution (author)  Metal4God6 years ago
post links to them all
stevoIution (author)  Metal4God6 years ago
That would take years, but you can have a link to this picture that demonstrates the fact that your parents have been lying to you since birth.Spoiler

dude i no fender thinks that cristianity is a cool club but man this is going way to far delete it now!
stevoIution (author)  gunmanx6 years ago
You are looking at this from the point of view that the notion of Christianity isn't ridiculous. Religion is not only slowing down our intellectual evolution but inverting it. Two thirds of Americans think that creation should be taught as science. You might say I'm at war with religion, or you might say I'm just telling the cold hard truth.
Wow. Isaac Newton and Pasture were Christians. Too bad they slowed us down. In case you ever venture out of the science argument into politics: Abraham Lincoln sure slowed us down with his Christian belief that all were created equal. Otherwise we would still have scientist showing off wild Aborigines as the "missing link." (Please note that I am being very sarcastic to make a point against haters.)
Lincoln wasn't christian, btw.
now that I look into it you may be right about Lincoln. I only knew that he often quoted scripture and supposedly prayed often. hmmm
stevoIution (author)  stevoIution6 years ago
stevoIution (author)  stevoIution6 years ago
stevoIution (author)  stevoIution6 years ago
stevoIution (author)  stevoIution6 years ago
creationist fun facts.jpg
stevoIution (author)  stevoIution6 years ago
stevoIution (author)  stevoIution6 years ago

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