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Oct. 2, 2016
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  • stratic64 commented on mattdp's instructable Cleaning Vinyl Records3 weeks ago
    Cleaning Vinyl Records

    I use a simple soap, a brush for applying shadow and isopropyl alcohol. First, wet the vinyl under warm running water, then brush along the tracks cover with soap and water and wait 10 minutes (can be longer, depending on the vinyl contamination), then wash off the soap with warm water, the next step - cover with isopropyl alcohol, and again my warm water. After that - a vacuum cleaner. At the end of the tube is necessary to put a small piece of microfiber and fix her hair rubber band or money, who it uses it. Starting vacuuming, but the pressure on the vinyl is not necessary, everything happens naturally expense of suction effect. Then we place the vinyl on the turntable, turns it over in half an hour on the other side. Then we pack it in an antistatic bag. All! Rejoice pure vinyl, beautiful sound and life!All good, clean vinyl and a nice sound!P.S.: In my experience, very clean and well maintained vinyl in Japan (personal opinion).Sorry for bad english.

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