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  • sudz28 commented on myles_h's instructable Original XBOX Hard Drive Upgrade1 year ago
    Original XBOX Hard Drive Upgrade

    Well you shouldn't have to FTP anything from one drive to another; they're both partitions on the same Xbox, so you can just copy from one drive to another. What I did was FTP a completely new software package (CoinOPS Massive) from my desktop computer to the F: drive. The E: drive contained CoinOPS LITE, and I just left that where it was although I doubt I'll ever use it again now.

    I used Chimp (already installed on my Xbox) to reformat the F: drive, which is where the space ends up. There is no way to 'add' it to the existing E: drive that I was able to find. Thus, I had to move the stuff on my E: drive over to my F: drive. In the end I just ended up putting a larger version of Coinops onto the F: drive than I had on the E: drive.

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