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here is my gift for you
sunshiine.bmpCopy of asd.bmp
sunshiine (author)  Mahmoud Alaa3 years ago
I absolutely love it! Thank you so much! LOL! You have made my entire year! I am a very happy girl! I happen to love IRobot! You have a brilliant day! Again, Thank you! ((huggs))

Just to give you my picture

sunshiine (author)  SparkySolar6 days ago
Oh my goodness, you are bruised. Glad your feeling better though. Your animals are adorable. What are their names?
JD the Dog
Kiefie the cat
The bruising was actually improving, the swelling was gettig worse.
JD was so funny, Yesterday, he hopped around on his walk, he wad so happy
sunshiine (author)  SparkySolar5 days ago

That is a cute name. Years ago someone told me their dogs name was dee-o-geee (dog)

I thought it was a very good name for a dog.

JD for just Dog. like it?
and Kiefie

Hi My 3 Opinion finally gave me pain relief

All will get better. We still have to have follow up x-ray in 2 weeks, could still be broken

sunshiine (author)  SparkySolar7 days ago

At least your cast is pretty even though it might be broke. I hope you get better soon!

I am better already, and I am sleeping 3 hours at a tinme now

thank you

sunshiine (author)  SparkySolar6 days ago

I hope it gets better for you so you get enough rest!


Thanks for following me.

daviir2 months ago

beauti collection

chocolatechip5 months ago

I love your instructables! i would love it if you would take the time to check out mine! thanks :)

Darthorso6 months ago

Thanks a lot for the appreciation of my Magic Dust recipe, dear sunshiine! :)