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  • Clip Indicator (LED) for Any Power Amp

    Hi I designed a PCB according to the improved version of this clipping indicator. I have a peak rail voltage of 82v-0-82v and when the amp loads to full just before clipping the supply sags to around 70v. I also built an opposing circuit to go with the negative rail so that I can monitor both channels. I changed the transistors to 2N551 and 2N5401. These can handle 160v. My problem is that the clip indicator is very sensitive on the input and even if I touch it with my finger the led lights up. One other problem is that as I go beyond 30v on the rail voltage the led starts to light up prematurely and the difference between the rail voltage and speaker input voltage starts growing and goes beyond 15v or more. Have you some advice how can I correct this. Thankyou

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