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  • sweetwilliam75 commented on mdheath's instructable Concrete and Wood Slab Table1 year ago
    Concrete and Wood Slab Table

    my thoughts exactly

    wood will always move. Even something ready to work should be in the 6-8% moisture content range.

    this looks great. Like another poster, my worry is wood movement. I would have put a .125" - .25" gap between the wood slab and the concrete. I also would not have tied the wood slab into the concrete with the bolts. Any possible wood movement (expansion, bow, twist, warp etc.) will be transferred into the concrete and as we know, concrete is not forgiving. And wood will move, no matter the moisture content. I always finish every side of wood slabs. If left unfinished, it will absorb moisture at different rates and then you have your wood movement challenges again... I hope it stays as good as it looks in the photos.

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