• swl0365 commented on Kreat0r's instructable Poopy-The Disposable Cat litter box8 months ago
    Poopy-The Disposable Cat litter box

    Worked really well for me, didn't know how to control my cat's waste (I have 12 of them, all rescues too) especially since a few of them have poor control of "when they go." But as soon as I put a couple of these babies around my house everything became a whole lot cleaner. Now instead of spending all my time cleaning up after my cats I can spend some time trying to get rid of that smell. This is such a time and life saver! Thank you so much!

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  • swl0365 commented on Robdova's instructable The Cat Desk - a New Way to Work8 months ago
    The Cat Desk - a New Way to Work

    Wow! I've been having this same problem! Every time I try to work, my cats (I've got 12 of them, all rescues) end up just getting up onto the table, obstructing and distracting me from doing any work! I ended up getting no work done and just being mad at my cats for the rest of the night (which is no fun for any of the 13 of us). This table changed everything!!! The instructions are so easily to follow it only took me a couple days to put it together, and the parts are really cheap too!! Now whenever I'm working the cats get their own little desk below me, and I get to work without distraction (except the warm feeling of having 12 cats rub against your legs of course, but that's something I'm more than happy to deal with). Now me and my cats are always getting along great! No more fights! It's so wonderful and cheery around my house now! I 100% recommend this to anyone, anywhere with cats! It will improve your relationship with them tenfold!! Everyone will be happier!!

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