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Hrmmmmm... Well, a full set of all the elements is something I want too, so don't feel lonely. Problem is, I don't know a lot 'bout the elements, so frankly, I have some chemistry learning to do : o
emuman4evr8 years ago
Did you ever go by the name Lunarios or Ecton or played WC3?
szechuan53 (author)  emuman4evr8 years ago
err... no.
kahn2568 years ago
Hey you are pretty much the definition of me haha! we have exacly the same interests. How do you extract sodium metal from sodium acetate? and do you know a good place to buy sulfur?
szechuan53 (author)  kahn2568 years ago
yes, but dont forget you can find it in the ground.

here you go, alfa aesar.
ps: to order, you have to register, and the registration form is similar to the form for ordering a catalog, an boy is it a big one.
Thanks, there is a way to harvest sulfur crystals but it takes about 6 months to grow them and they are very small, and I dought you will find sodium where I live but tell me where in the ground anyway.
szechuan53 (author)  kahn2568 years ago
no idea. i bought mine from a rock shop. i will try to find out where you find it...
kahn2568 years ago
Oh nevermind, I thought that you ment I could find sodium in the ground, for the sulfur you need a hot spring I have a spring but it's not hot which is needed for the bacteria to grow.