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  • t.rohner commented on pjnovas's instructable Easy and cheap lab regulator for any PSU1 week ago
    Easy and cheap lab regulator for any PSU

    Quite easy and good for most needs.For me, a Lab supply has to go down to 0V and needs a current limiting function.I know, that you will need a auxillary negative supply for achieving it. Most people don't go this far.

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  • t.rohner made the instructable How to Make Bread From Scratch2 months ago
    How to Make Bread From Scratch

    Very nice and thorough instructableYou write about the possibility of prolonging the fermentation time by lowering the temperature, with the added benefit of a better taste. I prolong the fermentation time, by substantially lowering the amount of yeast. This works like a charm.Compared to the 12g yeast in your receipe, i use some 1-2g. Even for a fast fermentation, 12g seems high. (on my active dry yeast packs, it reads 7g for 500g flour)I also like a little more salt, but that's my personal preference.(3%)Before i realized, that a long fermentation is essential for a outstanding bread, i baked "so so" bread for over ten years. It was a real revelation.Maybe you want to look into: https://www.instructables.com/id/My-ultimate-bread-learn-the-secrets-of-slow-bak/

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  • t.rohner commented on VespressoCooking's instructable Naan Bread2 months ago
    Naan Bread

    Looks deliciousI baked Naan bread before. Most recipes i've seen include Joghurt, and some of them also Ghee. I used Joghurt and browned Butter and it was delicious.Keep on baking

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  • t.rohner commented on Vulcaman's instructable JRLS 1000 DIY SLS-3D-PRINTER3 months ago

    Very nice build.

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  • t.rohner commented on rjeblogue's instructable Dishwasher Converted Pizza Oven-Smoker4 months ago
    Dishwasher Converted Pizza Oven-Smoker

    Nice ideaI was thinking to use a old dishwasher as a smoker, but then i found a smoker for 30$ on a auction plattform and put it beside my pizza oven. Next year, my pizza oven has its 10th anniversary... This calls for a decent party.

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  • t.rohner commented on Nematic!'s instructable Capacity Test of Fake 186506 months ago
    Capacity Test of Fake 18650

    I own a couple of these power banks and ordered some for friends too. I never have heard complaints.If it's the original from mi.com, it delivers something around 10400mAh(+-20%). I didn't measure it, but i can charge my phone at least 3-4 times. The little USB-fan i have runs 24 hours on it. I imagine, that they use decent cells.The build quality of the original is very good, but it's also sold for around 20$ and not 2$. Here we have the factor 10 again...

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