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  • tanjamaya commented on Skipped's instructable Make Money With Arduino1 year ago
    Make Money With Arduino

    Ok. now I get it... It works great... Thanks... In arduino code I change this linevolatile float coinsValue = 0.00whith linevolatile int coinsValue = 0also this lineif(difference < 152 && difference >148)with thisif(difference < 200 && difference >100){and this line coinsValue = coinsValue +0.05;whit this linecoinsValue = coinsValue +10;In coinAcceptor Settings I chandge the pulses...before 10denars was 1 pulse, after 10 denars is 2 pulsesalso before 50denars was 5 pulses, after 50 denars is 6 pulsesand now it works great.Thanks a lot you saved me :)

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  • tanjamaya commented on Akin Yildiz's instructable Envolysis1 year ago
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