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  • tanujb4 commented on HollyMann's instructable Powerful Modern Homemade HDTV Antenna2 years ago
    Powerful Modern Homemade HDTV Antenna

    Hello,i loved the way use made an antenna. So the bolts are connected directly to the tin and the clips and and coaxial cable is connected to the other end! I am looking forward to make this antenna and the other one too,as suggested by the author!! Cool,thanks for sharing.Thank you!

    I am making a "Free Electricity Circuit(CONVERSION OF RF WAVES TO DC)". My Professor said me instead of using a copper wire suspended in space use an antenna. Now the question is, Will this antenna help me to convert receiving RF waves to DC? Or Can I use this antenna?? Professor also said to add a multiplier at the end of circuit to to get maximum voltage!! Thank You!!

    Take a coaxial cable. connect the core of coaxial cable with one bolt and other will be grounded,using a copper plate. and other end of coaxial cable will be connected to set-top box or TV.. Just a trial and error method!! I am trying the same thing,let me know if it worked with you!Thank you!

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