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ali27005 years ago
I know for your tattoo.
I'm happy for ,Friendship with you.
con you speck persian?

Seurat5 years ago
Interesting submissions. Also, and completelly unrelated: props for liking flight of the conchords!
anoman5 years ago
nice job taraneh.
i am also iranian.
موفق باشی.
ali27005 years ago
are you Iranean?
tarzioo (author)  ali27005 years ago
yes, I am half
Jumbo Ninja5 years ago
Hey there .... love your work .... and also you are so gorgeous :D
tarzioo (author)  Jumbo Ninja5 years ago
Those are some kind words! Thank you =D
bumpus7 years ago
Katamari FTW!
tarzioo (author)  bumpus7 years ago
bumpus tarzioo7 years ago
I like your little crocheted Katamari prince.
tarzioo (author)  bumpus7 years ago
Oh thanks he's pretty cool! too bad I gave him away though=(
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