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  • How to bind your own Hardback Book

    Sorry. Not 2,000 pages. I meant 200. LOL.

    ADOBE INDESIGN or QUARKXPRESS are two of the standard software for making books, magazines, or any other layout work you want to do. If you know these software, it will be a breeze. You can also automatically program the page numbers and they appear in chronological order.This tutorial is rather inspiring. I want to bind my comics illustrations so it's easier to put them in books.Though what I find lacking from the instruction is how to create SIGNATURES. Say, if I have 2000 pages of illustrations, how many folded pages are allowable to complete a signature? Also, I've always thought the pages are sewn with strong waxed string to keep the pages intact. I had to destroy a hardbound book to see what's hidden, and the pages, I discovered, were sewn then glued!

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