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mary candy5 years ago
Hi ! did you see my ible on the halloween contest?
If you like it, vote plizzz!
kiss kiss
Thats ok. =) (for the sub)
loved the post card ideal i do remember those days when people sent personal cards thru the mail. my mother would have loved this and i'd love to get one like this from a son daughter or even a grand child. really any one.
tbcross (author)  billie pigman5 years ago
thanks glad you enjoyed it :)
Jayefuu6 years ago
Thanks for subscribing. And welcome to instructables :)
tbcross (author)  Jayefuu6 years ago
thanks for the welcome still finding my way around.  I had to subscribe what with the CD roofing (way cool I see a chicken house roof in the future) and the shoe rack (am a girl after all lol) Cool projects!
Jayefuu tbcross6 years ago
Thanks. I'll have an ible on sorting out the peak of the roof in the next few months.