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Quite impressive

i so much love your creations.....

rdn_news3 years ago
Hello, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your Bass cake is, I'm going to try to make one myself do you remember how tall and wide your bass was. I'm just need a little idea of size of the top and tail of the bass any help would be great. Thanks Roger
tereleo4 years ago
Love, Love, Love your work, and Thankyou for posting the instructions, very nice to share with others, God Bless!

Have any cake ideas that you are going to try?

Me and my mum re going to try make mt brother a chocolate cake for hi wightenth brthday, got any suggestions/ideas/tips as we want it to be good, thanks!

And your cakes are really good by the way :)
tchitwood (author)  Michaelgoode5 years ago
Hey there :) I guess it depends on what he likes. That's how I've been deciding on cakes from friends and family. I think about what they like a lot and then come up with an idea from that. Or in one case the person (my nephew, the Halo cake) told me what he wanted.

What are some of his favorite things? Or if he knows he's getting a cake maybe ask him if there's something he would like to see made out of cake.

Once I get that information I just visualize a layout of what might work with cake. Or I do internet research on whatever it is that they like and then that gives me ideas for layout and design. I treat it like I did design work when I was a graphic artist/designer.

And thank you very much! I'm still learning with each cake I make. Just figuring out what works and what doesn't (I have had a few recent cakes not go well at all, heh heh!) Recently made a new cake and I'm hoping there's a contest soon I could enter it in.

My next cake is going to be Ash from the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness movies. Complete with chainsaw arm and his "boomstick." That cake is for August 20th. I hope it all works out!
Ok, me and my mum have been looking through a cake book, and have decidied to do a 2 layer chocolate cake, with a chocolate type icing (either buttercream or fudge icing-preferably fudge) covering the top and sides. We have got a 18 shaped candle, are we are going to pipe a message and have some chocolate shavings around the edges, what do you think?
tchitwood (author)  Michaelgoode5 years ago
I think that sounds great! I love it when chocolate shavings are used around the edges of cakes. Not only does it look good it tastes great and the little chocolate crunch from the shavings is a nice texture.
Thank you!

Hepefully we are going to make the sponge cake a couple days early and freeze it, then decorate 1/2 days before, whenever he is out! :P (which is quite a lot) :)
Well, I think we are going for a basic square cake, two layers. However, we are hopefuly going to make it very chocolatey, with chocolat curls, shavings, and hopefuly a chocolate piped message from me. I don't think we are making a special 3D sculptured one like the kind you make, but a basic one. However, I am reading through all the informtion you give me and are getting some ideas for future use, as I would definately like to try some of ththing you have done. Thank you very mch for your help so far, it ha been great!
happyjo5 years ago
Wow! Your cakes are extremely awesome! :D
tchitwood (author)  happyjo5 years ago
Thank you! :) I'm having so much fun making them. Working on another right now for a cake show and then have quite a few more lined up after that. Busy busy but very fun experimenting and seeing what works!
D00M995 years ago
You really need a Facebook fan page now. You bring cakes to a whole new level.
tchitwood (author)  D00M995 years ago
Thank you! I finally made a Facebook page for my cakes! :)


Called it Tami Cakes if the link doesn't work. I have a few cakes scheduled for January and I can't wait!
Hi there, thank you for putting your instructions on in writting, where i live i cannnot get broadband just dial up and never will where i live, so im pleased its written, so much on youtube that i cannot watch thanks so much and you do an amazing job