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  • tclayton commented on ASCAS's instructable DIY Customized Circuit Board (PCB Making)1 month ago
    DIY Customized Circuit Board (PCB Making)

    Exactly what i need! Ive been doing such complex circuits on that hole punch lroject board and its aweful. I cant build more advanced stuff until i learn this so thankyou for a straight forward tutorial. Im curious about eagle cad, is it hard to use? Where did you learn about it?

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  • Make an Arduino FM Radio! (using TEA5767)

    I ended up figuring it out it was a silly question i should have known since ive built many amps from scratch.Origionally i could not get this sketch to work but its because i was not using the right pins for sda and scl (i had an ardruino mega). I tried 4 other sketches before i found that out then got other ones to work but ultimately went back to your design and it is by far the best and cleanest signal with your code ! Im working on making an fm radio with aux and bluetooth and also display time and temp/humidity on the lcd (although im not sure how to code in all the screen changes). Thanks for this tutorial !

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  • tclayton commented on erik12892's instructable Make an Arduino FM Radio! (using TEA5767)2 months ago
    Make an Arduino FM Radio! (using TEA5767)

    Question: say youre putting left and right audio to an amp, would you run one of the ground pins to the audio input on the amp?

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  • tclayton commented on usbg3rd's instructable 32W Stereo Audio Amplifier2 months ago
    32W Stereo Audio Amplifier

    Just a heads up to all who wanna build this, the tda2050 is a discontinued amp and if you try to order it online you may get fakes, i bought 10 of these and 6 so far were fake and didnt work at all. Id recommend the tda2003 as a replacement, theyre cheap, reliable, and have a low amount of external parts, ive used it many times with great success!

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  • 10 $ portable Arduino weather station (AWS)

    This is a perfect version of what i was making , thanks for sharing im totally adding the pressure sensor to my project. Im glad you explained the dhx sensors , most people settle wth the dh11 but the 22 is accurate and not much more in cost

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