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    Metal4God9 years ago
    dont buy an i-mac mac sucks! stick with windows!
    I believe you've confused your terms there, you should have put:

    yes, buy an i-mac, mac is great, linux is better than mac, windows should be uninstalled promptly.
    lol very funny, not, windows is awsome
    Windows is awesome if you like system failure, eliminating the competition and overpriced under engineered software.
    i use windows alot, and it's best
    Care to explain exactly why it's the best? I mean, it's overpriced, unfairly exclusive, unreliable and published by an unscrupulous company that have a less than likable habit of buying (or trying to) companies with the sole purpose of shutting them down.
    well i use it for games and internet, and school, thats why, um i havn't used a mac b4, i would like to have a nice small laptop, so i can use the garage band program, my dad won't buy me a recording software -_-
    Free programs like audacity aren't bad, I've recorded songs with audacity, windows movie maker, and a rockband microphone...
    a flame war on an orange board?
    It's only a flame war when more than one person makes a valid point.
    whatever, it's still a flame war to me...
    Thats just cuz ur a pyro
    no.... not really.......
    I know I just was joking.
    yes, but an i-mac, you can put windows on it, and linux, all at the same time