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  • How to check AA/AAA alkaline battery using a voltmeter

    Hi Jerry & msurguy - thanks for the tips!Do you happen to know if there are any resistance/resistors inside the ol' Radio Shack battery testers (mine is pictured here w/"Radio Shack" label, but nowadays new ones may have"Enercel" label on it)? If so, how much resistance?I'm wondering if these Radio Shack battery testers put any load on the battery when testing.Thanks!p.s. I keep trying to Finalize this Reply, but nothing happens when I hit the "Reply" button, so THIS Reply effort will now be withOUT the attached picture I mentioned above. If this goes through, I'll try a follow-up WITH the picture again.

    Thanks for the Joule Thief mention, Ujwal - I'd never heard of those, but just read about them online now. Do you know where I can purchase an already assembled Joule Thief led light? I'd love to use my alkaline batteries until they're way more drained!Thanks,Ted

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