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  • thamuv commented on Lee02's instructable JDM Programmer 2 years ago
    JDM Programmer

    hi nice to seeing your programmer then will you please send me the eagle file or pdf of the circuit to me or upload and mail id is

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  • thamuv commented on ian's instructable JDM2 based PIC Programmer2 years ago
    JDM2 based PIC Programmer

    hi friend i am beginner of the pic programming i almost try with many circuits i need some help i work a lot for this pic programming i use pci card for rs232 the pin 3 output voltage comes only 11.5vbut in the circuit the pin 4 9.4vand pin5,6,7,8,9 is 9.3v corresponding voltageits does not reach 12 or 13v for triggering mscl pin if i use to add a external power source it doesn't support please help me get out from thing headacheand please feed some help to finished this one and mail me also

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