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  • thanrose commented on sursula's instructable Urban gathering - fruits of the city1 year ago
    Urban gathering - fruits of the city

    Susaner, Look for Green Deane at Eat The Weeds. He gives tours around the state and some elsewhere of edible plants. He used to do these impromptu tours on hiking or canoeing trips last century and now he's doing them as an education business. He's on youtube and other places, has a web site that's I think, and has a newsletter. He doesn't touch mushrooms. Too much liability and too much specific knowledge needed.

    Did no one reply to you? If you are lucky enough to live in an area that has chestnuts, you'll see they will gradually split their husks. Depends on maturity which depends on temperature and humidity, but generally late fall. Some may be resistant to splitting, but will if you roast them gently. Just don't roast immature nuts. That stops any further maturation. Same process for most nuts, actually.

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