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PhD student at UFG, GO, Brazil. Studying distributed spatial data processing. Academic teacher of computer science algorithms and compilers.
  • thborges commented on msuzuki777's instructable Arduino USB3 months ago
    Arduino USB

    Thank you! No more frustration when uploading!

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  • thborges commented on ASCAS's instructable DIY Bluetooth Speaker2 years ago
    DIY Bluetooth Speaker

    I've got rid (almost) of the piiiii in a similar project adding an electrolytic capacitor in the input (+ and - terminals) of the bluetooth module. A 470uF electrolytic capacitor removes some noise, but a 1000uF or 2000uF was better in my project. So, I think you could try values between 470uF and 2000uF. I'm not an expert, but suspect that low noise to be radio waves propagated to input wires as when I increased the volume the noise also raised.

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