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Cyclone17644 years ago
Hey, I was thinking of getting an airsoft gun for targets in my garden,
could you tell me if the cheap spring powerd pistols are any good, I had my eye on a 160 dollar (I don't live ine the usa but its worth that roughly) full metal gas pistol, so what would you recommend?
THECHINABOY5 years ago
(removed by the United States Government)
the mechanical engineer (author) 7 years ago
hey ur on iloveairsoftstuffs page!!!! the expert on airsoft so if u got any Q's, just post and ill answer asap. !!!!!!!!! nos vemos!!!
expert dont make me laugh Ive been playing scince i was 6 I haVE made countles grenades and mines that are of profesional grade and have spent millons of weekends playing. so if you think you are the expert then your just plain dumb. theres 'always' someone smarter and better than you.
louix858 use6065 years ago

airsoft as a sport needs less people like you use606

only thing that makes it sh*t realy.
louix8586 years ago
hey guys this is my first comment and the whole "airsoft land mine schematic" is why i made an acount here, abit about me: well ive been studiing manufactoring enginearing  sinice i was 8 but  properly since i was 14 (im 16 now), anyways i im just about to go into the  airsoft sport (with an J&G SR 25 siniper set up) and i have been looking around and seen some nice non pyrotecnic land mines, they seem simple in concept so i thought why not make 1, i have access to (and know how to use) lathes, CNC mills, mills, piller drills,thermo former, injection molding, grinders, drills and just about every othere tool or machaine you can think of (expet the rly expensive ones) i can get hold of most materals, i can read schmatics and make them i have auto cad 2009 (if you want any of your drawing or ideas turned into schmatics i can do that for you no prob)  so with that said here is what i was thinking, perhaps we could do a colab? bounce ideas off each other and see what we can come up with whatever it is we do decide on (if we get that far) im sure i can machean it up and make it look profesional. what you say? sory if my spelling is bad
sounds great id like to do a colab sorry bout the late reply had some comp problems and it wouldn't let me do any replys for a wile.
hey do you have any idea how to build a (non-pyrotechnic) airsoft grenade that can be shot out a rocket ???? I've been working on ideas for awhile but can't think of any
PKTraceur7 years ago
Nice Stuff dude! I love airsoft too, and improvised munitions are my favorite! We should do a collaboration sometime! I have hundreds of ideas for a pressure mine, lasermine, remote detonations, non-pyrotechnic, and many others! Im still on The WhiteBoard, (Thats my name for my white board that is 2feet by 31/2 feet... its big!!!!!!!!) but I've almost perfected it! If you want in, or could give some help, that would be appreciated. -RoAr
im kinda new at this, so you will have to help me on the collaboration thing, but id be glad to hear your ideas
Well, you've done 15 more instructables more than me, but Im sure one of us can figure it out. (It probobly includes the collaboration button, so dont tell anyone!) Anyways, can you read schematics? I have a few plans for a pressure mine.
yes i can, im assuming you are on now, so i am trying to find out how to collaborate, and yes i think i can read schematics.
Alright, sweet. Hang on a sec, Im trying to get them in MS paint. I've included labels for simplicty. -RoAr
Here we go!
hmmmmmmmm. interesting. the only thing i realy dont get is the pressure plate. is that kind of like my pressure detonator?