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  • theEVOL1 commented on ShakeTheFuture's instructable PVC Socket Wrench2 years ago
    PVC Socket Wrench

    Nice idea, however, it needs to be said that overheating PVC is dangerous. If you overheat PVC, it will expel Chloride gas that is toxic and very harmful to your lungs and throat. When heating any plastic ESPECIALLY PVC, take all necessary steps to assure proper ventilation and do not over do it with high heat or prolonged exposure to heat. PVC be comes viscous at around 80*C/ ~180*F but starts to melt and burn at about 140*C/ <300*F. Safety first, makers!

    Anyway, all that I can say is that as a molder of PVC, we are trained to respect what PVC can do to your body. I've been burned by degraded PVC and failure to handle it properly can get you fired in my industry. I didn't come here to run down this instructable or chase anyone away. I just came here to share a safety tip on a subject that I have a great deal of knowledge on. Like Jhawkes101 said, proper ventilation and a mask should be fine. There's no sense in exposing yourself to anything harmful when you don't need to.

    PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride. I'm not exactly sure where I can find all of the information that I have been trained on over the past 15 years as an injection molder, but here is the first thing that came up...

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