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andang19771 year ago

Hi Richard...,

I'm Andang from Indonesia...

I was so amazed with Raspberry PI 3D Scan project that you created ....

I'm just a stupid 3D modeller, who want to copy your project to work alone, without the programmer and good IT skills.....

I just saw on the project version 3 (use 98 cameras), and I make it according to the estimates that I have seen.

I bought some raspberry PI + Camera to start. all is ok, the camera also has function. but the problem is how this camera can work together with one control only. because I am also not a programmer and IT, so I am confused how to run it ....

Therefore, I ask to you to help solve my problem .... once again I ask your help ....

please tell me, the stages to use it ......

I attach a picture some hardware I have made .......

thanks for the help

Andang Resmana

Dave A2 years ago

Hoi Richard, was leuk je gesproken te hebben vandaag en je 3d scanner eens in het echt gezien te hebben. Ben benieuwd naar de scan foto's. Die Oculus rift ervaring komt de volgende keer maar eens ;-)

roscowillie2 years ago
Hi Richard,

That 3D scanner is an incredible project. Congratulations. In your opinion, would substituting an A board with wifi modules have a chance to work? I wonder if the camera trigger would sync as well over wifi? Really cool project.
the_anykey (author)  roscowillie2 years ago
I am still planning on checking this, but in theory it should work. Also when you do a network broadcast over wifi, just a single packet is send that all raspberries will receive. You would need to put some better logic in uploading the images. I do not think wifi would like it if 40 units at the same time upload the image, but you could easily make that queue based.

It will of course cost 40x10euro more for the wifi adapter, but set up would be really nice, you can just loop power from pole to pole and that is all the physical wiring needed.

muratmaga2 years ago
Hi Richard,

This is simply amazing. I admire and salute your technical skills.

I was wondering if you ever did resolution and accuracy tests? I routinely use photographic 3D scanners in my research. They use exactly the same principal as your setup, but of course costs upwards of $100Ks for 6 camera setup.

If we were physically closer (I am in Seattle, WA) I would have loved to scan a person with our scanner and then with yours and compare the resultant mesh. It would have made an awesome project.

Good luck with the competition.
the_anykey (author)  muratmaga2 years ago

It will be hard to compare, but I can send you a 3d model file if you want?
That would be great. At least I can visually compare the detail.