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lancem798 years ago
hi koray thanks for your quick response. i will be able to check ebay tomorrow.did the £20 include postage lance ps i liked your instructions. it will be interesting to have the link as well though cheers
simplecats8 years ago
I have a Dell LCD E173FPB with a power issue, and I need to get the cover off, but I still can't figure out how to do it even I read your previous post. Could someone give me detail instractions? It will be better if you could attach the pictures. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
tenpuppies9 years ago
Hi architect! My Dell 1702fp has the blinky syndrome so I appreciate your article. It was really well done. I bought a soldering iron and replaced the two 10uf-16v capacitors with no improvement (still BLED). My problem is that I'm having a really hard time finding the other capacitors. I checked Radio Shack in-store and online with no luck (they have 100uf-50v and 22uf-50v but not 25v) and have searched elsewhere online with no luck. You also said they should be a few cents each but what Radio Shack has costs at least $1 each. Can you point me in the right direction on where to buy? Also I see there are apparently various types (tantalum, electrolytic, nonpolarized) so which are best? Also is using nonpolarized ones okay? Sorry for what probably are stupid questions. tenpuppies10 at yahoo dirt com
thearchitect (author)  tenpuppies9 years ago
Hi tenpuppies,

I understand you. Radioshack is not the best place to gather all these parts. I am no longer living in the States, but I remember, there was an online shop, http://www.digikey.com/ their prices are the best as far as I know. Search their catalogue and you'll find all capacitors that you need.

The surface mount capacitors that we want to replace on that monitor are electrolytic ones. They are polarized, so you should pay attention to the polarity of the original ones, and put new ones correctly. Did you check your new capacitors again? Also, the new ones you are putting there might be bad, too, so you gotta find out a way to check them before putting them there.


CmdrFALCO10 years ago
I found a DELL 1702FP on the E-Bay butt it says that it comes in a lot of coloured lines in but no image or so... can it have the same problem? or what could it be? any sugestions?
thearchitect (author)  CmdrFALCO9 years ago
Hi there, sounds like a signalling problem. Can be a bad connector cable or connection. But also a major problem on the signal processors may cause this, I seriously don't know... Sorry. Cheers, Koray.
fjr12210 years ago
Hey this is fjr122, i found and commented on your free monitor article a while back. Anyways I bought a dell 1701 lcd on ebay, so...its not a 1702 but it doesnt quite power on. The backlight comes on and the display selection led goes back and forth a few times (1,2,1,2) and then settles on one and then it and the power led are green with no picture.. Do you have any idea if I would be able to repair this by your method or not? I can send pics of the board if you would like to see it just tell me ..
thearchitect (author)  fjr1229 years ago
Hi there, sorry I missed your question since i didn't log on for a log time. It may be the same problem, if I were you I would try replacing the surface mount capacitors one by one and see if anything changes. The whole set of capacitors shouldn't cost more than $3. If it doesn't help, then I don't know much more... Cheers. Koray.