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Jakobholsen2 years ago
Hi, would you care to help me with my little project. I guess im not far from a result but yet I have some problems. With the connection drop/ loss. and I cant get my motors to run on interacton.

Im trying to modify a RC car to control it with my iphone using the Analog stick and the gyro. I got it up and running and can get the data from the iphone onto the arduino but theres no reaction on the motors and I expect the sketch to be the issue, Im unsure if I can to the motor control as posted i the sketch...

Would you care to take a look at my code and maby give me some advice on where to go from here ?

I used you code as far as posible, and thank you for a very nice tutorial on the subject.

My links are:

IOS: https://github.com/Jaol/iOS-Arduino-BLE-project
Arduino: https://github.com/Jaol/BLEArduino_MotorController/tree/master/BLE_motor_sketch

Thanks in advance.