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are you a member of the geek group,
i loveee the geek group :)
KnexFreek6 years ago
 awesome ibles man!! i even subscribed!!!
Why did you unsubscribe? Was it something I said?

No, I just don't use Instructables as much as I used to, and I get way more than enough notification emails.
hey, how's it going?
thermoelectric (author)  AnarchistAsian7 years ago
wooo, i finished my boost converter for my coil gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Cool! How much power does it give out?

There goes the error ones again... :-)
i'm not sure... but it can charge pretty fast... but it does run on batteries....
Wow! That is double cool! My coil gun is isolated mains powered, and it charges the 720uF 660v capacitors in 5 to 10 seconds.
the boost converter is like twice as fast, and pretty small and pretty cheap... you should make one!
Schematic please??
thermoelectric (author)  Plasmana7 years ago
No, You mean link :-)
yeah, that one, thanks, thermo =-)